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C-Tech Innovation has recently successfully completed work on the Greenius project. Housed in a shipping container, the Greenius plant is designed to sterilise and homogenise organic waste so it can be used as feedstock for anaerobic digestion (AD) systems. The combination of in-house planning, design, modelling, building and testing of the plant makes it a great showcase of the integrated capabilities that C-Tech Innovation can offer.

As it is able to process up to 300 kg of organic material in an hour, Greenius is ideal for preparing low-grade organic waste (animal carcasses, discarded or rejected vegetable matter) for use in a biogas installation. The material is deposited in a hopper, after which it is macerated, heated to 180 °C at 10 bar, and then cooled to around 30 °C for injection into the AD system, with waste heat recovered. Greenius was funded by the UK Deputy Prime Minister’s office under the SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) scheme.

More detail is available on the Greenius Project page.