C-Tech Innovation | ISO 9001 Certified

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C-Tech Innovation is ISO 9001 certified.

Our ISO 9001 certification isn’t something that just “ticks a box”; for us it is a way of ensuring to you our commitment and accountability in providing high standards, quality and customer-focused principles. ISO 9001 is our way of measuring and continuously improving our way of working with the intent to provide the best service possible to all our clients.

What is our ISO:9001 system?

We use a tailored system which allows us to work with clients to create proof-of-concept, process scale-up, and pilot/production equipment. It includes job specification, risk log, change management, functional design specification, engineering design, supplier assessment, control of materials, critical item tracking, factory acceptance testing, commissioning, declaration of conformity, and much more.

Our ISO 9001 system has been developed specifically to give us the right balance of flexibility and rigour to ensure the development of the right specification with the client, while retaining project management discipline to provide efficient delivery of projects which fully comply with the relevant standards. Regular client input into specification and design is central to our process, and feedback is used as a valuable resource to refine and improve our way of working.

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Why Use C-Tech Innovation?

With over 30 years of electrochemical engineering experience, our team design and supply pilot and production systems for inorganic and organic synthesis, metal recovery, effluent treatment, surface treatment, and electrodialysis. We combine scientific and engineering disciplines to develop systems from a laboratory proof of concept, through to pilot and production systems.

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