Custom Built Electro-Heating and Electrochemical Equipment that Redefines Industrial Processes

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Electro-heating and Electrochemical solutions from Proof of Concept, Pilot Scale through to Production

We pride ourselves in having a multi-disciplinary team of Project Managers, Scientists and Design Engineers coupled with fully equipped laboratory and workshop facilities that enable a seamless pathway to delivery.

This places C-Tech in the unique position of servicing our clients from initial concept through to delivery of a production unit, all with a dedicated team based in one facility.

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Electrification of Your Batch Heating Process to Continuous Flow

We offer a suite of renewable, all-electric, continuous flow heating technologies that enhance process efficiency and product quality in the fine chemical, specialty chemical, pharma and related sectors.

Process Electrification

We Design

From the initial proof of concept
managed seamlessly through to full production

We Build

Our fully equipped workshops enable
on-site build, testing and commissioning

We Deliver

With clients across the globe
we service a diverse range of industries

What We Do

Our Collaborative Approach

01 Proof of Concept

02 Pilot Scale

03 Production

01 Proof of Concept

Often our clients approach us with a problem in their manufacturing process. A Project Manager is appointed and our engineers and scientists work with clients to define a solution.

Proof of concept trials are then carried out in our laboratories. With a typical timeframe of 1 – 3 months.

After successful demonstration at laboratory scale the team move on to the next phase.

02 Pilot Scale

Based on findings from the proof of concept we then assess the most viable options for scale up. The team design, seek client approval and build the pilot unit in our workshop facilities. We then carry out a thorough test and training program prior to commissioning at our client’s facility.

Typical timeframe of 4 - 6 months. After successful client trials the team move on to production deployment.

03 Production

Our expertise is centred around the integration of our core technologies, hence our focus is delivery of the key elements of the production process. The balance of plant is provided by conventional suppliers contracted via C-Tech, or the client. The plant is fully specified with associated PFD and P&ID, coupled with onsite commissioning and training. Typical timing 9 – 12 months.

Maintenance contracts and ongoing support are available.

Are You Looking to Take a New Concept Through to Production?

Whether you are an established company or a start-up, we have the skill set to make it a reality.


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