Vanadium Electrolyte Production Equipment

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C-Tech Innovation has developed a direct one step electrochemical reduction process that is a cost effective alternative to the conventional chemical reduction process. Using electrochemical reduction with no addition of chemical reducing agents results in a high quality clean vanadium electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries.

Vanadium Electrolyte Production System by C-Tech Innovation

Our Background

Since 2011 C-Tech Innovation has been designing electrochemical processes and equipment for industrial scale production of high purity electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries.

We also have expertise in vanadium flow batteries and experience in recycling and recovery and purification of vanadium from waste streams.

Our Technology

Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFBs)

Vanadium electrolyte is the vital component of VRFBs, an increasingly popular technology. VRFBs are an alternative energy storage technology capable of delivering load levelling and storage capacity for remote generation and renewable generation applications. It offers competitive value to commercial, industrial & micro-grid customers. Vanadium electrolyte is the electrochemical storage medium. It degrades slowly in use but at the end of life it can be completely re-generated and reused in VFRB.

Vanadium Electrolyte Production

Purity of the vanadium electrolyte used is key to the lifetime of VRFBs.

Traditional methods use a wet chemistry approach which requires additional chemical reagents which introduces impurities and can adversely affect VRFB lifetimes.

C-Tech Innovation has developed a novel electrochemical technology capable of manufacturing vanadium electrolyte without requiring additional chemical reagents. This electrochemical manufacturing route is a direct electrochemical reaction from vanadium pentoxide.

Our Markets

  • Production of high purity electrolyte for VRFBs

Our Goal

C-Tech has developed a direct electrochemical reduction process that is efficient and free from by-products from chemical reducing agents, resulting in high quality vanadium electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries.

Our process offers a clean and low-cost production route, resulting in exceptional purity of vanadium electrolyte.

Our vanadium electrolyte production systems have been proven at production scale, and are available as both turnkey and modular systems.

Our Advantage

High Purity

In contrast to the traditional wet chemistry method which often results in impurities, our direct electrochemical reduction process results in significantly higher purities of vanadium electrolyte.

Low Production Cost

As no chemical reagents are required for the electrochemical reduction process, production costs are significantly lower than wet chemistry methods.

Modular Systems Available

Our vanadium electrolyte production technology is industrially proven and is available as a modular system for easy system expansion.

Minimum Maintenance Required

Our vanadium electrolyte production system requires minimum maintenance, typically one service visit is required per year with a downtime of less than 3 days.

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