Ohmic Heating Equipment

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C-Tech Innovation supply a range of Ohmic Heating equipment

from lab scale through to production systems capable of throughputs greater than 10 tonne/hour with heating rates up to 10°C/second

Our Background

With over 20 years’ experience in Ohmic heating, C-Tech Innovation has designed, installed and commissioned bespoke Ohmic heating equipment in the UK, Europe, India, and North America.

Our installations include the supply of Ohmic heating equipment for the Food & Beverage and Specialty/Fine Chemical industries.

The C-Joule LAB 150

Our Technology

Ohmic heating (also known as joule heating) is a volumetric electrical heating technology meaning that heat is generated within the product due to its electrical conductivity. The heating is even and rapid. The equipment consists of a heating pipe or chamber which is fitted with electrodes and a power supply that provides electrical energy to the system at efficiencies over 95%.

We supply a range of Ohmic heaters from lab scale through to production systems, capable of throughputs greater than 10 tonne/hour with an accurate temperature control of ±1.5°C.

Ohmic heating for food and drink processing

Because of its rapid and even heating characteristics Ohmic heating is ideal for food and drink processing, particularly for pasteurisation and sterilisation. The absence of hot surfaces and associated temperature gradients minimises loss in flavour, texture and nutrients, resulting in a consistently higher quality product.

Ohmic heating in the Chemical industry

Because of its very accurate power input and temperature control and ability to operate over a wide range of temperatures and pressures continuous flow Ohmic heating technology has significant advantages in the Fine & Specialty Chemicals Industries over conventional processing equipment. It can be used in single-pass or recirculation mode with or without temperature hold sections.

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Our Advantage

Rate of Heating

The technology can deliver a rate of heating of up to 5–10°C per second. For example, a 2 tonne/hour pasteurisation with a temperature rise from ambient to 90°C involves a heating time of 15 seconds.

Microbial Log Kill

Meets or exceeds all US and European regulations.

Reduced Fouling

Due to the absence of hot surfaces Ohmic heating gives minimal fouling and much lower thermal degradation compared to conventional heating processes, resulting in no taste deterioration.

Maintaining Nutrient Content, Texture and Colour

A much reduced processing time retains more nutrients, vitamins and vibrant natural colours compared with traditional processing technologies.

Temperature Control

Our Ohmic heating technology delivers precise temperature and pressure control. Our continuous systems have no flow restriction and are suitable for a wide range of viscosities and particulate content, from drinks and soups to meat and fruit pieces.


Ohmic heating is highly efficient with typically 95% of the electrical energy consumed being directly attributable as heat to the product.

Small Foot-Print

Supplied as a compact unit including a PLC/HMI automated control panel with a small footprint and easy to install alongside existing plant.

Our Goal

We offer bespoke equipment to meet our customers’ needs, whether it is batch or continuous, pressurised or open. Our team of engineers and scientists can support you from initial proof of concept trials on samples of your product through to installation and commissioning of new production equipment at tour site.

Our Markets

  • Food and drinks pasteurisation and sterilisation
  • Continuous cooking
  • Aseptic processing
  • Thermal chemical processing

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