C-Joule PLT Continuous Flow Ohmic Heater


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  • Flexibility: The unit can be easily extended or reconfigured for different conductivities and throughputs
  • Ease of Use: The control panel consists of a PLC and touch screen HMI for automated use. Includes data logging of temperature, voltage, current and power
  • Precise Temperature Control: The control system continually monitors temperature and power input to maintain temperature set-points.
  • Quality: Ohmic heating avoids hot spots and steep temperature gradients often encountered with conventional heating technologies.
  • Rapid Heating: A temperature rise of 70 °C in approximately 10 seconds
  • Energy Efficient: Greater than 95 % of the input power goes to heating the product.
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Heating Time to 90 °C 10 to 15 seconds
Flow Rate 60 litres/hour
Flow Direction through Heater Vertical
Maximum Electrode Voltage < 3300 V
Current Density A/m2 up to 2400 A/m2
Heater Bore 12 mm
Heater Body Polycarbonate
Maximum heater length < 1.4 m

- Specifications subject to confirmation at time of request.

C-Joule PLT Data Sheet

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