Microwave Flow Reactors

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We are a world leader in the supply of continuous flow microwave chemistry reactors.

Our equipment delivers rapid heating of a reaction to high temperature and pressure with precise temperature control.

C-Wave PRD & C-Wave PLT

Our Background

With 10 years’ of engineering experience in the delivery of proprietary continuous flow microwave reactors, C-Tech are at the forefront of taking microwave chemistry out of the laboratory and into production environments.

Take a look at our research paper written by one of our Specialists in Microwave Chemistry:
Microwave Flow Chemistry: Faster, Cleaner, Greener and Safer.

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Our Technology

Microwave chemistry has been used for many years, especially for the synthesis of small quantities of compounds in the Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical industries. Continuous flow microwave chemistry offers significant benefits over conventional batch methods, namely:

  • Faster reactions
  • Fewer undesired side reactions
  • Higher yields with lower impurity levels
  • Precise reaction control temperature
  • High chemical conversion rates

At C-Tech we have continuous flow microwave reactors available to our clients for proof of concept and pilot scale trials.

Our Advantage

Scalable from pilot through to production

C-Tech has developed a continuous system capable of producing pilot quantities of 10-100 litres/hour through to full production scale at greater than 2 tonnes/hour.

A faster, cleaner reaction with higher yields

Our continuous flow microwave reactor has unparalleled speed of heating with precise temperature control. Conventional batch and continuous reactors have a temperature gradient across the fluid due to heat being applied via a hot surface. C-Tech Innovation’s continuous flow reactor heats the product volumetrically, from within the fluid itself, giving precise temperature control of the reaction.

The unit is designed to operate up to 250 °C and to 30 bar pressure which means that reactions can be carried out in solvents at temperatures that are not otherwise feasible. A combination of rapid heating rate and high temperature and pressure mean that reactions can be carried out more cleanly with better yield and fewer by-products.

Take a look at our expert’s presentation on scaling up Microwave Chemistry

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Our Goal

To enable continuous flow microwave chemistry in production environments.

C-Tech Innovation has developed a scalable continuous flow microwave reactor that is capable of precise temperature control and the rapid heating of reactions at elevated temperatures and pressures from pilot scale through to production.

Our Markets

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fine/Specialty Chemical

Microwave Chemistry Case Study

See our case study on scaling up microwave chemistry from lab scale to plant scale:

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