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  • Fully automated PLC operation with easy to use touch-screen HMI
  • Pre-programmed process steps including purge, start-up, run in batch or continuous mode, shut-down and post-purge
  • ATEX rated if required
  • Self-contained unit in a stainless steel frame
  • Faster reactions, fewer by products and improved yields
  • Capable of reaction conditions up to 250oC and 30 bar
  • Precise temperature control throughout the whole reaction
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Flow Rate Up to 2 tonne/hour
Power Up to 120 kW microwave power
Temperature 250oC maximum with control to +/- 1.5oC
Pressure Maximum operating pressure 30 bar
Compatibility Compatible with most acids, bases, solvents, particulates, slurries
Wetted Parts Quartz glass, stainless steel, silicone O-ring seal
Control PLC with touch-screen HMI for automated use and data logging
Safety Fully safety interlocked

- Specifications subject to confirmation at time of request.


The presentation shows the basis of design for the continuous flow microwave reactor, including microwave cavity and reaction tube geometry. The benefits of faster reaction times, fewer side-reactions and higher yields are highlighted in referenced reactions.

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