Electrochemical Synthesis Equipment

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Electrochemical synthesis is the use of electrical energy to drive chemical change; using electricity to replace toxic and costly chemical reagents. This allows cleaner and cheaper syntheses with greater production efficiency and at reduced cost.

Electrochemical Synthesis Laboratory Equipment

Our Background

With over 40 years of experience of electrochemical process development we have designed and built a wide range of electrochemical plant from laboratory to production scale.

We have an expert understanding of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. Our expertise allows us to create practical electrochemical cells and plant for a wide range of applications and to offer a step change in reaction yield and selectivity when measured against conventional chemical methods.

Our Technology

Electrochemical synthesis

C-Tech have developed custom built electrochemical synthesis (electrosynthesis) equipment from lab scale to pilot and production systems.

The electrosynthesis process involves oxidation (removal of electrons) at the anode or reduction (addition of electrons) at the cathode of an electrochemical cell. The reaction is controlled by the electrode potential and reaction conditions which depend on cell and system design.

Our Goal

To improve the selectivity and yield of chemical reactions by introducing electrochemical process technology in place of conventional chemical reactions. We will use our expertise in both electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering to develop processes that meet client specifications for conversion and selectivity. We will pioneer the adoption of electrochemical synthesis in high value chemicals such as pharmaceutical, fragrance and flavour intermediates.

Our team has developed a range of electrochemical cells and balance of plant designed to meet our clients’ needs. From proof-of-concept through to production equipment C-Tech will design, build and deliver to our client’s specification.

Our Markets

Our systems are used in Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical applications amongst others. Examples include:

  • Inorganic chemical synthesis including bromine, chlorine, fluorine, aluminium
  • Aqueous and non-aqueous organic chemical synthesis including L-cysteine, electro-catalytic hydrogenation, the reduction of carboxylic acids

Continuous Flow Electrochemistry

Snapdragon Chemistry & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) use C-Tech Innovation’s C-Flow LAB 1x1 cell to demonstrate continuous flow chemistry for improved efficiency in their electrosynthesis reaction

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Our Advantage

Advantage over Ordinary Redox Reactions

Electrosynthesis replaces homogeneous chemical catalysis with immobilised surface catalysis and eliminates the need for toxic and expensive chemical reagents for a range of oxidative and reductive reactions.

High Selectivity and Product Yields

Electrosynthesis offers high and controllable selectivity and product yields with no problematic by-products. Selectivity can be precisely controlled by varying the applied electrode potential.

Low Energy Consumption

Low electricity consumption per kg of desired product (< 8 kWh/kg of product).

Optimised Process Conditions

The process conditions for an electrochemical reaction can be optimised further by splitting the process into two or more discrete sections which can be controlled separately.

Easy Scale Up

Cost effective scale up is easily achieved by the addition of further electrochemical cells. This is easier than the conventional scale-up requirements of larger or multiple reactor vessels.

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