C-Tech Innovation Form a Strategic Partnership with Scientus Pharma – November 8th 2019

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C-Tech Innovation Form a Strategic Partnership with Scientus Pharma to Manufacture their Continuous Flow Microwave Heating Reactors

Since 2016 C-Tech Innovation have been working with Canadian based biopharmaceutical company Scientus Pharma to develop their exclusive extraction and decarboxylation system using Continuous Flow Microwave Heating.

Scientus Pharma are leading the way in developing consistent medical grade cannabis-based products.

Our continuous flow microwave reactor, the second of which was delivered in October 2019 have allowed Scientus Pharma to develop a production scale process that enables 100% cannabinoid decarboxylation in under 45 min compared to >24 hours by conventional heating methods.

Continuous Flow Microwave Heating Reactor

Continuous Flow Microwave Heating Reactor


Scientus Pharma recently discussed their approach to drug development and commercialisation in the cannabis sector and their partnership with C-Tech Innovation in a Healtheuropa.eu article.

“Strategic partnering is important to us not only in manufacturing and gaining access to international markets, but also from the scientific perspective. We see many groups outside Canada making substantial advances in developing technologies and formulations that are needed for pharmaceutical approaches to this sector. That also includes some smart approaches to clinical development.”

Health Europa Quarterly 11 (Pages 92-95)

Read about the work C-Tech have been doing with Scientus Pharma here:

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