The applied electrochemistry and electrothermal experts

C-Tech Innovation is one of the UK’s most successful research, technology and innovation organisations. With clients across the globe in multiple sectors, we are focused on delivering outstanding solutions helping them to maximise their potential for success.


How we work

We believe that the key to successful product and process innovation is to embed a culture of creative and innovative thinking. We apply multidisciplinary teams with diverse styles to the varied challenges that are presented to us, enabling some truly unique solutions to be realised. Our workforce is highly qualified, skilled and diverse – one which thrives on new and unique opportunities.


Ideation, Opportunity Spotting, Innovation, Creativity

We can help to equip senior managers with the skills necessary to lead and inspire organisations, and ensure success in the short, medium and long term, empowering them to become more innovative, able to successfully harness and capture idea generation and creativity. We can provide advice, ongoing mentoring and targeted workshops in areas such as strategic analysis, choice and implementation, leadership and team development, governance, and performance management.

Concept Design and Scoping

Our consultants have a diverse range of skills, which include new product development, business case development, stage and gate processes, project and programme management, enabling ideas to be designed moulded and scoped.

Our design engineers have a working knowledge of many different industries and technologies. They are adept at designing both single components and complicated assemblies, often using the latest manufacturing techniques available. We have a broad knowledge of material selection and process optimisation.

Research and Development

Our research group develops new products and technologies privately and in collaboration with external partners from academia and industry. Our activities are many and wide ranging. We have acquired great experience and have collaborated with hundreds of researchers around the world.

Prototyping and Process Development

Our design engineers are knowledgeable in all areas of manufacture, especially rapid prototyping and machining, injection moulding and extrusion, machining and fabrication. We offer a range of engineering and manufacturing services.

Markets: Assessment, Access, Planning, Intellectual Property

We can support organisational growth by developing business and other action plans to support their first steps towards their future goals. We undertake research, analysis and planning so that clients can understand markets.

Commercialisation: Product, Process and Service Launch

We can develop web – based marketing and management tools to assist marketing efforts. We can help in the commercialisation process by providing guidance regarding licensing agreements or patent acquisitions, joint ventures or spin-off.


We work with SMEs, Blue Chip, Central, Regional and Local Government and provide a wide range of innovation support services, assisting our clients at every step of the innovation journey, from initial idea creation and opportunity spotting right through to commercialisation.

These are just some of our partners and clients: