The applied electrochemistry and electrothermal experts

Solving process development challenges using our
electrothermal and electrochemical technological expertise

Pasteurisation & Sterilisation

Peaches pasteurised using ohmic heating

We provide custom-built batch and continuous equipment for food preparation, pasteurisation and sterilisation.

Our specialist areas include handling of delicate fruits, juices, dairy, soups, sauces, and stews.

Flow Batteries & Fuel Cells

Vanadium Electrolyte Production Equipment for VFBs

We build flow batteries and electrolyte processing using a range of chemistries for applications from laboratory scale to full production.

Our fuel cell experience includes both off-the-shelf designs and bespoke equipment for challenging environments.

Waste Treatment & Metal Recovery

Waste streams can be treated either to render the waste products easier to handle, or to recover valuable materials for reuse.

We are experienced in the separation and purification of rare earth metals and other valuable metals such as cobalt and nickel.

Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

C-Tech has designed a number of processes for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries including advances in calcining, continuous microwave chemistry, and radio frequency-assisted pill forming and curing.

Nuclear Decontamination

C-Tech has developed the Electrolytically Assisted Surface Decontamination process to remove a radioactive layer to facilitate downstream processing.

We also have a highly efficient nitric acid decontamination process for liquid radioactive waste, offering cleaner, cheaper processing than traditional methods.

Collaborative Research

C-Tech Innovation has participated in hundreds of funded research projects over the past decade, covering a wide range of technology development.

We are experienced in writing project proposals and delivering both EU and UK-funded projects on time and on budget.