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Delivering innovative products and processes for electrochemical and advanced thermal applications

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The UK's Premier Integrated Research,
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Introducing the C-Flow LAB cell

Hand-assembly electrochemical cell for laboratory work

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Pasteurisation &

We provide custom-built batch and continuous flow equipment for food preparation, pasteurisation and sterilisation of foodstuffs.

Our specialist areas include handling of delicate fruits, juices, dairy, soups, sauces, and stews.

Engineering Experts

We design and build a range of electrochemical equipment, from laboratory-size cells to custom production-scale rigs for processing large volumes of product.

We specialise in developing new processes and equipment, including corrosive and toxic materials, and high pressures and temperatures.

Thermal Processing
of Minerals

Whether it’s calcining of minerals in rotary kilns or high-efficiency firing of ceramic and brick, C-Tech has extensive experience in using novel thermal technologies to improve the processing of minerals for a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

Fluid Chemistry

Microwave chemistry is faster, cleaner, greener and safer than traditional heating methods. C-Tech Innovation has developed a continuous flow reactor that allows the scale up of chemical reactions from lab scale to production scale. This system gives several benefits over traditional batch chemical reactors.

Most chemists are familiar with the benefits of working with microwave reactors in the laboratory. The technology enables them to test different chemical reactions and find the perfect compound much faster than using conventional heating methods.