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The UK's Premier Integrated Research,
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Introducing the C-Flow LAB cell

Hand-assembly electrochemical cell for laboratory work

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NiMH batteries ready for recycling

Cobalt and Lanthanide Recovery

The CoLaBATS project is improving battery recycling yields

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Engineering Experts

We design and build a range of electrochemical equipment, from laboratory-size cells to custom production-scale rigs for processing large volumes of product.

We specialise in developing new processes and equipment, including corrosive and toxic materials, and high pressures and temperatures.

Thermal Processing

We provide custom-built batch and continuous flow equipment for food preparation, pasteurisation and sterilisation of foodstuffs.

We also apply our RF, microwave and ohmic heating expertise to industrial processing, materials processing and waste treatment.

Ohmic heater component

Design & Build

We design and build specialist pilot-scale equipment that draws on our multidisciplinary team of chemists, chemical engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, and designers.

From modelling flows and stresses in designs through matching the right components and materials for a build, to building prototypes and production models, we handle the entire design and build process in-house.

Research & Development

We are one of the leading SMEs in Europe maintaining a wide portfolio of Horizon 2020, FP7, Innovate UK and other funded projects.

Our tried and tested experience in project coordination and administration and exploitation planning means that we participate in a wide range of technological developments. Our project management strengths mean that we also often take on the role of project coordinator.


Multidisciplinary Team
and Integrated Facilities

With a dedicated group of scientists, technologists, engineers, designers and technicians, C-Tech has a broad base of technical expertise to support a range of research and development.

C-Tech Innovation has on-site research and development facilities for wet chemistry, food technology, plasma and high energy operations, and microwave and radio frequency applications. We also have strong links with academia and industry, making us perfectly placed to develop new marketable technologies and products.

Serving Clients
Large and Small

In developing new processes we understand the differing requirements of clients of all sizes.

Our combination of advanced research capabilities, design and project management expertise, and engineering facilities makes us the perfect integrated home for new product development.