Radio Frequency Equipment

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We have 20 years’ experience in developing RF applications and we offer design and build services for a wide range of applications.

Radio Frequency (RF) heating offers significant advantages over conventional heating methods in terms of product quality, throughput and processing times

RF Heating Technology

Our Background

C-Tech Innovation has extensive experience in developing Radio Frequency applications for the food and materials sectors. We provide general guidance and technical feasibility tests for specific products, as well as helping clients evaluate process benefits.

We can design and build bespoke equipment tailored to your requirements from laboratory to pilot scale in house, and collaborate with manufacturing partners to realise production scale industrial applications.

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Our Technology

The issues with convective and contact heating

Conventional heating processes require hot surfaces or gas streams to transfer heat into a process material and conductive and convective processes to distribute the heat within the material. This approach often results in difficulty controlling the thermal profile within the medium. In press and moulding applications uneven heating can result in longer cycle times and poorer quality composite products.

Overcoming these issues with RF heating

RF heating is a volumetric heating technique which means that the entire product is heated from within. Heating rates are greater and the heating is evenly distributed throughout the product in comparison to conventional methods. For foodstuffs this results in even thawing and cooking. For composite material manufacture it gives a more even and rapid curing process.

Our Markets

  • FR curing of composite materials, foams, polymers
  • Rapid defrosting of a wide variety of foodstuffs
  • RF welding of high tolerance polymer substrates

  • Heating / preparation of snack foods in vending applications
  • Recycling of foam packaging
  • RF processing of mineral ores

RF Press by C-Tech Innovation

Our Goals

To realise the benefits of RF heating for your specific application with solutions from our extensive range of RF test equipment.
Our highly experienced staff, in house laboratories, workshop and design office allow us to carry out an initial process evaluation, design a suitable RF applicator and then integrate RF heating into your process. We build processing equipment up to pilot scale and work with RF equipment manufacturers to build production scale systems.

Our Advantage

Increased throughput

Rapid start-up as no warming up time is necessary, for increased throughput and a smaller footprint.

Improved product quality

Uniform heating throughout the material by means of RF heating gives significantly better product quality than conventional convective heating processes. This leads to advantages in applications including composite curing and food defrosting.

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