Metal Removal & Recovery Equipment

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Our range of electrochemical systems for metal removal and recovery are ideally suited for applications where standard approaches are not effective. Our systems provide significant gains in reliability, productivity and reduced operating costs. C-Tech systems have been deployed successfully in industrial applications around the world.

Our Background

C-Tech Innovation grew out of the applications department of the Electricity Council Research Centre in the UK which had a remit to develop more efficient processes for industry. This took us to a wide variety of industrial process challenges including metal recovery, metal finishing and effluent treatment. Over many decades we have developed an expertise in designing and implementing electrochemical processes and we now work with clients around the world.

We benefit from being able to design both the chemical and electrochemical process. We always aim to optimise the chemistry and the electrochemical engineering together to create the most efficient process possible.

Our Technology

We use tried-and-tested electrochemical cell designs in combination with bespoke chemistry for the application. For metal recovery we use either conventional electro-winning cell designs or our C-Flow 3D high surface area porous carbon electrode technology. Our C-Flow 3D technology is a modular cartridge system that allows quick and easy electrode replacement for quick change over, minimum downtime and easier handling of extracted metals.

Our processes give removal of metals down to low ppm or ppb levels depending on the application. Examples of metal recovery systems that we have designed include cadmium, copper, nickel, tin, silver, platinum and gold.

Our Markets

  • Recovery of precious metals
  • Waste water and effluent treatment
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • Recovery and re-use of metals

Our Goal

To deliver efficient and low cost removal and recovery of a wide variety of metals in even the most challenging applications.

Our Advantage

We design and install systems tailored specifically to your needs. We will carry out proof-of-principal laboratory scale work on the chemical and electrochemical process, pilot scale trials, and design and install production scale plant.

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