Induction Heating Equipment

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C-Tech specialise in the design and integration of induction heating systems in novel applications based on the specific requirements of our clients.

The induction systems are designed and built as fully integrated systems which are instrumented, controlled and automated. We carry out proof-of-concept work followed by design, build and testing, all within our facilities.

Our Background

C-Tech Innovation have developed a number of applications for advanced heating technologies that allow the transfer of energy without the limits of conventional heat transfer.

We specialise in the design and integration of induction heating systems for clients from a wide variety of industries, including food manufacturing, fine chemical and the petrochemical industry.

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Our Technology

Induction heating is commonly used in industrial metal-working processes, plastic extrusion machines as well as in domestic cooker hobs. It combines rapid heating, high temperatures and the ability to heat through thermal insulation.

Induction heating is effective for most electrically conductive materials such as insulated vessels or pipes but it is most effective for materials with a high magnetic loss. Induction heating is of particular use when very high heating rates and power density is needed.

C-Tech have designed and supplied both continuous and batch induction heating systems.

Our Markets

We have built systems for a range of industrial applications, including:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Fine chemical and hydrogenation
  • Oil applications
  • Petrochemical applications

Examples of specific applications for induction heating include:

  • Heating of catalyst beds
  • Heating of reactor vessels for batch reactions
  • Heating of reactors in continuous systems
  • Food processing system with inductively heated energy transfer medium

Our Goal

To design novel processing technologies for clients with full system design, development and integration of the induction heating system.

We create a solution tailored to your specific needs and carry out proof-of-concept work followed by design and build of a system that can be integrated into your process.

Our Advantage

High Heating Rates

Induction heating can generate very high rates of heating for metallic and electromagnetically susceptible materials. Very high powers can be targeted and delivered into a small volume of material.

High Temperatures

Very high temperatures can be reached, far in excess of what is possible by means of conduction and convection heating.

Excellent Transfer Efficiencies

Excellent energy transfer efficiencies are achievable when compared to conventional conduction or convection heating.

Heating through Intermediate Materials

Materials can be heated through intermediate thermal and electrical insulation materials, within vessels and by non-contact means.

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