Electrodialysis Equipment

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Our expertise in electrodialysis, chemical Engineering and equipment design means that we are your one-stop solution for electrodialysis equipment from proof of concept to pilot scale through to full production.

Our Background

C-Tech have developed, designed and built electrodialysis systems for both research and commercial use.

We have supplied conventional electrodialysis stacks up to 3.6 m2 membrane area and with spacer thicknesses as small as 0.75 mm. We have developed a mediated electrodialysis technique for more selective separations suitable for fine chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Extensive process development experience including:

  • Recovery and concentration of organic acids and amino acids from fermentations either as downstream batch recovery or in-situ product recovery
  • Concentration and recovery of charged species from industrial wastes
  • Conversions of metal salts to their corresponding acid and base

Our Technology

Electrodialysis (ED) is a separation technique used industrially for pollution control, desalination, resource recovery and chemical processes. It involves the migration of ions through ion-exchange membranes in an applied electric field. The flux of an ion through the membrane is dependent upon its charge, the bulk concentration of the ion and its mass transport to the membrane surface. In this way species can be removed from reaction mixtures and waste streams thereby reducing the need for costly disposal and purification.

Our Markets

  • Biochemical reactions – the use of ED to control the pH of a fermentation reaction
  • Downstream Processing – the separation of high value charged species from chemical and biochemical reaction mixtures
  • Production of organic acids such as lactic, succinic, acetic and gluconic acids, with increased yields compared to conventional processes
  • Dairy and cheese industry – removal of salt from whey
  • Wine production – control of acidity of wines and to adjust alcohol content
  • Sugar and starch industries – purification (demineralisation) of sugars

Our Goal

We offer process development, process equipment and process control. We use a combination of ED, chemical engineering and equipment design to deliver a single source solution. We are independent from membrane suppliers and select the best membranes for the application. We offer mediated ED (MED) for specialist separations. MED includes suitable functionalised media in the ED spacer to enhance separation of species with the same charge.

Our Advantage

Overcoming difficult separations & purifications

ED can be used for separation and purification tasks that are difficult to achieve by conventional means, and can be used either in situ or in downstream processing.

Higher yields

Increased yields in fermentations and enzyme reactions.

Reduced waste streams

Conversion of salts to free acid and base, reducing waste streams and resulting in more efficient recovery of product.

Volume efficiency

Improved volume efficiency by decreasing product inhibition.

Check out our case study on using electrodialysis for the recovery of succinic acid from fermentations!

Case Study – ELSA

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