Continuous Flow Heating Technologies

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C-Tech Innovation Sustainable Continuous Flow Heating Technologies

We offer a suite of  all-electric, continuous flow heating technologies that transform product quality and process efficiency in the fine chemical, specialty chemical, pharma, foods and related sectors. Our technologies offer significant advantages compared to traditional batch manufacturing technologies.

Electrification and CO2 Reduction

As well as cost and quality advantages for the user our modern electrical heating technologies bring benefits to the environment:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions through more efficient use of heat
  • The option to use renewably sourced electricity
  • Long term production plant sustainability

C-Tech has over 50 years’ experience of working with numerous industry sectors to modernise and electrify their production environment.

Reduced Operating Cost

The switch to an electrical continuous flow gives an overall reduction in energy use of up to 20 % through

  • Continuous heat recovery and pre-heating
  • Rapid heating rates for reduced reaction time
  • Fewer start-up and shut-down cycles for reduced wastage of material
  • Reduced material inventory requirements.

Reduced Capital Cost

Compared to a batch process the pressure containment and associated engineering in our systems is focused on a much smaller volume. This translates into significant advantages:

  • Reduced capital cost
  • Reduced plant footprint
  • Flexibility in scale up by modular addition

The flexibility of scale inherent to our designs allows our customers to move seamlessly from pilot to production and to operate profitably at various scales.

Product Quality

Our continuous heating technologies are ideal when product quality is paramount. We offer:

  • Very rapid heating rates through much high power densities
  • Precise temperature control using our proprietary electrical power control systems
  • A greater range of operating temperatures and pressures
  • More consistent product quality

These features offer the user a more reliable continuous flow process for cleaner, faster reactions with fewer unwanted by-products. Readily accessible high temperatures and pressures permit the use of chemistries and solvents that are impractical on conventional batch plant.

Our Technology Portfolio

Our microwave and ohmic heating technologies can process all applicable fluids, even high viscosity fluids or slurries at up to 250 °C and 40 bar.

The technologies feature:

  • Automatic process control algorithms
  • Real-time product quality measurement through changes in product temperature, conductivity, dielectric and other properties
  • Unrestricted flow paths suitable for viscous and particulate materials
  • Elimination of heating surfaces and associated fouling