C-Joule LAB 100 Atmospheric Batch Ohmic Heater

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  • Ease of use. It is a trolley-mounted unit that works ‘out of the box’
  • Fully safety interlocked
  • Data logging of temperature, voltage, current and power via USB
  • Multiple interchangeable vessels for testing different volumes of product volumes
  • No hot surfaces so that fouling, caramelisation and thermal degradation are minimised
  • Rapid heating at 5-10°C/second
  • Precise temperature control to set-point is achieved using our purpose designed control system with continual monitoring and feedback loops
  • Energy efficient processing with greater than 95% power utilisation
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Working Volume Power
Max Temp 100°C
Power 26 kW
Pressure Atmospheric

- Specifications subject to confirmation at time of request.

Data Sheet

Ready to learn more about the C-Joule 100? Download our datasheet. Learn about the C-Joule 100 Batch Ohmic Heater.

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