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Food processing using ohmic heating reduces the need for preservatives and results in superior taste and texture compared to other thermal treatment methods such as jacketed vessels, heat exchanges or steam injection. The Qulom OBA-26 is the pressurised version of our Qulom OBA-26 unit. The OBP-26 operates at up to 3 bar and 140ºC.

Ohmic heating is a volumetric heating technique that does not involve the use of hot surfaces. It gives uniform heating by heating the medium directly and from within. It is ideal for pasteuristation and sterilisation of foodstuffs where the maintenance of taste and texture are of paramount importance. Ohmic heating is used for pasteurisation and sterilisation of amongst other things, dairy products, fruit juices, fruit pieces, soups, stews, jams. It is of particular use for foodstuffs with high viscosity or with delicate particulate inclusions that are easily damaged by conventional heating equipment.

Because it is a volumetric technique, processes developed on the Qulom OBP-26 can be easily scaled up and we offer a continuous system (Qulom OCP-200) suitable for both pilot and production scale.

Qulom OBP-26 with control panel


  • The unit is rated at up to 26 kW.
  • Unit capacity is 2 litres.
  • The OBP-26 is supplied on its own trolley.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Fully interlocked and suitable for use by non-experts.
  • Control panel has touch screen control and data logging of temperature, voltage, current and power is provided.
Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

Norman Maloney

Principal Engineer, Advanced Thermal Processing

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