Our ‘C-Flow’ Electrochemical Cells have a global presence

Product Update8th October 2020

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Our Electrochemical Cell Range ‘C-Flow’ has a global presence

The Flow Battery Exhibition hosted at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology last month exhibited C-Tech Innovations electrochemical cell range. The products were displayed through our distributor in Taiwan, ING-JING Precise Industrial Corp.

The C-Flow range is the most flexible, consistent and easy-to-use electrochemical cells and system on the market suitable for use from lab scale to full production.

Being specialists in electrochemical technology our C-Flow range offers solutions based on a deep institutional understanding of electrochemistry and the needs of researchers, engineers and technicians working in the field.

C-Flow 5×5 with the C-Flow 1X1 Electrochemical Cells

Take a look at the C-Flow range here or contact us for more information.

For the C-Flow Electrochemical range brochure: