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QULOM MCP-6000 is a modular microwave continuous pressurised (MCP) reactor designed to be used in Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Microwave Assisted Extraction. It is designed for integration into microwave chemistry equipment for laboratory, pilot and production scale use. It is rated for use with microwave generators between 0.5 kW and 6 kW.

For specific applications production-scale systems can be supplied between 20 kW and 200 kW based on multiple modular units in series or parallel.

Our QULOM range of Advanced Thermal Processing technologies is based on our 30 years’ experience in the application of microwave technology and process development.


  • Pressurised quartz reaction tube
  • Microwave generator and tuning stubs attached to the microwave waveguide
  • Handles liquids and light slurries, for reaction or extraction
  • ATEX rated if required
  • Fully instrumented, automatic control and data-logging
  • Easy scale up from laboratory to pilot to production
  • Available as a free-standing unit or as a module for inclusion in other equipment
  • Patented design EP 2419207, WO 2010/119255
Qulom MCP-6000 Microwave Flow Reactor

Also Available

The unit can be supplied as is for integration into a plant, or within a fully specified and self-contained rig with pumps and vessels, designed and built to client specification.

Test unit available for trial and process development.

Higher capacity for production scale is available based on multiples of the module.

Replacement tubes and seals are available.


Power0.5 kW up to 6 kW
Flow rates10 ml/min to 1500 ml/min, depending on conditions
Temperature250°C maximum
Temperature Controlto +/- 1.5°C as standard
Pressure25 bar maximum
Chemical compatibilityCompatible with most acids, bases, solvents. Wetted parts are stainless steel/hastelloy PTFE and quartz glass
Connections6-25 mm BSP or compression fitting of Imperial equivalent
ControlTouch screen HMI with set-point, alarms, options for flow and pump control
Data loggingto USB

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