Graphene Manufacture

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C-Tech have developed proprietary Microwave Plasma heating equipment for high volume processing and functionalisation of 2D materials.

A scalable system, C-Tech have built Plasma’s from 3 kW to 60 kW which produce a stable, reliable, efficient plasma operating at flow rates up to 700 kg/min.

Plasma Processing

Proprietary atmospheric plasma system for gas phase and surface modification reactions

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Is Your Current Production Process Sufficient?

Are there improvements that could be made to increase your production capacity, productivity or quality?


Why use C-Tech Innovation?

With over 30 years of electrochemical engineering experience, our team design and supply pilot and production systems for inorganic and organic synthesis, metal recovery, effluent treatment, surface treatment, and electrodialysis.

We combine scientific and engineering disciplines to develop systems from a laboratory proof of concept, through to pilot and production systems.

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