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Conventional cooking of foods relies on conduction from hot surfaces into the food. This can limit the rate of cooking, especially in products with large solid particles. By using the food’s own electrical resistance to generate the heat using C-Tech Innovation’s Ohmic Heaters, food can be heated evenly from within. The result is greatly increased cooking rates whilst maintaining the highest product quality.

Ohmic cooking time

The ohmic processing unit yields products with a superior taste, colour and increased levels of vitamins due to its unique heating method and close control of time temperature thermal history, with energy delivery in excess of 95% efficiency.

Process Benefits

Key benefits of ohmic cooking include:

  • Rapid heating, short cooking times
  • Even cooking of solids and sauces
  • Increased flavour and vitamin retention compared to traditional heat exchangers
  • Easy maintenance, reduced cost
  • Less product loss, higher product yield
  • Easily retrofitted to existing lines
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Handles high viscosity products
  • Working temperatures up to 180oC
  • Increased efficiency, 95% of input energy transferred to the product

What we can do for you

C-Tech Innovation’s team of engineers and scientists can support you from carrying out initial trials on samples of your product for evaluation through to installation and commissioning new production equipment on your site.

The ohmic processing unit has many potential uses in the food industry. The ohmic processing unit can handle any pumpable food with a normal moisture content from beverages, fruits and vegetables.

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