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C-Tech Innovation participates in a wide range of funded collaborative research projects. These projects are fundamental in helping us develop our technologies and apply them to today’s manufacturing and environmental challenges. Collaborative projects enable us to develop new applications across food, chemicals, environment, manufacturing and other sectors.

We have extensive experience in project coordination, as well as in providing technical and scientific expertise to further the aims of the project. We welcome enquiries about cooperation on future projects, and we can also help businesses and academic institutions with the application process for various funding sources.


Development and commercial scale-up of new materials and on the understanding of the electrochemical processes involved in the lithium sulphur technology.


Scale up an aluminium plating process, based on a promising new generation of ionic liquids and develop a process demonstrator for an aluminium plating line using these new electrolytes.


Using patented new types of electrode materials in conjunction with electrode configurations to effectively break down strong acid and complexant mixtures for the nuclear industry.


Improved economics for the production and isolation of amino acids without the need for extensive plant modifications, achieved through the integration of biocatalysis and electrodialysis (ED) technologies.


Development of new bio-based composite materials utilising lignin from the pulp and paper industry blended with biopolymers as a precursor.


Development of body armour based on a combination of Self-Reinforced Polymer (SRP) composites and lightweight ceramics.

Ohmic InLine

This project proposes to develop the use of Ohmic and radio frequency (RF) heating for the continuous production of cooked ham, chicken and turkey meat.


Demonstrating high performance, cost effective electronic inks in display and logic technology, as an alternative to conventional manufacturing approaches.


Scaling up laboratory microwave chemistry and developing a production-scale microwave chemistry flow reactor.


Using advanced ultrasonics to improve plating process efficiencies, eliminating the need for the use of cyanide in the process.

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