C-Tech Innovation Rebrand Press Release – April 25th 2019

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C-Tech Innovation of Capenhurst Technology Park, – UK has undergone a corporate rebrand.

Today we unveil to you the new logo and website of C-Tech Innovation. Since 2001 C-Tech Innovation have been leading the way in innovation and our previous logo served us well however the new branding represents a change in direction for C-Tech Innovation.

In September of 2018 the business saw a Management Buy Out and with that came a new focus for the business. Therefore the perfect time for a refreshed look to support our ambition for the business evolving.

C-Tech Innovation continue to deliver novel continuous processes based on our core technologies of Ohmic heating, Microwave Heating, Induction Heating, RF Heating, & Electrochemistry. We strive to make a difference to industrial processes with our innovative thinking that puts you ahead of the game, helping you to reduce cost, increase productivity and improve product quality.

We now have a well-defined product range featuring:

  • The C-Flow range: Electrochemical cells and systems offering a seamless transition from Lab to Pilot Scale through to full Production
  • The C-Joule range: Fully automated world leading Ohmic Heating systems offer efficient high speed heating from Lab to Pilot Scale through to Production
  • The C-Wave range: Proven scale up of continuous microwave flow reactors, which offer unparalleled heating rates and reaction control

You can take a look at the C-Tech Innovation product range here:

View Product Range


If you’ve visited our site before you may notice that it has had an entire revamp, in late 2018 we teamed up with Limely, who are a Chester based web design agency to work alongside C-Tech Innovation’s marketing team.

The new website launched earlier this month provides a clear message of who C-Tech Innovation are and what we do. It has been completely refreshed and we feel our new website is much cleaner, more organised and aesthetically pleasing than our previous one.



Commenting on C-Tech’s rebrand, Managing Director, Dr. Bob Crawford said;

“C-Tech Innovation has always been about finding solutions to process development challenges in the chemicals, pharma, foods, materials and related sectors. We continue to do that and are proud to create advanced new processes for clients around the world.

Our new logo has been introduced to highlight the launch of our new product range to complement our process development service.

Our C-Wave (microwave flow reactors), C-Joule (ohmic heating) and C-Flow (electrochemical) products are available to support research and process development and production using advanced thermal and electrochemical technologies.”

Navigate through our new website to begin exploring what C-Tech Innovation are all about.

You can also connect with C-Tech Innovation on LinkedIn.