C-Tech Innovation Launches its Continuous Flow Pilot Scale Ohmic Heating System – May 1st 2019

Product Update

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C-Tech Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of their Pilot Scale Continuous Flow Ohmic heater; C-Joule PLT.

C-Joule PLT is the next addition to C-Tech’s Ohmic Heater product range, offering a seamless scale-up from our batch products to our first ‘off the shelf’ continuous system.

As a world leader in Ohmic heating technology, C-Tech Innovation have leveraged over 20 years of experience to develop the C-Joule PLT. At throughputs of 60 litres/hour, it is designed and built with the reliability and flexibility and offers a cost competitive continuous Ohmic heating system for pilot scale development or small production runs.

The C-Joule PLT comes equipped with 3 different heater configurations to accommodate the widest product range. C-Tech Innovation specifically designed the unit for use in the Food and Beverage industry for product pasteurisation and by the Fine/Specialty Chemical industry for continuous flow heating applications.

Pilot Scale Continuous Flow Ohmic heater

The C-Joule PLT: Pilot Scale Continuous Flow Ohmic heater

C-Joule PLT is a stand-alone, skid mounted unit that occupies just 1200mm by 760mm of floor space. Equipped with its own control panel for data logging of temperature, voltage, current and power with a PLC and touch screen HMI for automated use.

The C-Joule PLT is suitable for conductive fluids which may incorporate small particulates such as milled nuts or fruit pulps. It is capable of a controlled temperature rise from ambient to 90°C in approximately 10 seconds and throughput of 60 litres/hour at an operating pressure of 1 bar g.

John McCarthy, C-Tech Innovation Sales Manager says:

“C-Tech Innovation are pleased to introduce the C-Joule PLT continuous flow Ohmic heating system. We have listened to our customers in developing a product which offers a cost competitive, flexible, entry level continuous Ohmic heating solution for either pilot scale process development or small production runs.”


It is a truly innovative product that you must see for yourself…

Take a look at the C-Joule PLT here or contact us for more information.

Download our C-Joule PLT datasheet.

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