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Last week C-Tech’s Director of Research and Innovation, Rob Bell, and Strategic Research Group Manager, Edd Jones, attended Chemistry Means Business at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Billed as the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “first flagship event for the chemistry-using industry,” the day provided an opportunity to present C-Tech’s varied chemical and electrochemical expertise to a knowledgable and enthusiastic audience.


Edd Jones at the Chemistry Means Business event

By bringing together buyers and sellers in chemistry-related industries, the event offered a useful platform for exploring potential collaboration with other companies in our sector. “We had interesting conversations with representatives from a number of companies, including High Force Research, Econic Technologies, SynergyHealth, CatSci and Greenbean,” said Rob Bell. “The day was a great success, and we’re optimistic that new opportunities will develop from the connections made there.”

C-Tech Innovation is working with the RSC on a number of fronts. Besides being part of the Society’s EnterprisePlus scheme, C-Tech has also just completed work on a Horizon2020 project proposal for the RSC called Hydro2020, which aims to create a knowledge and technology-sharing collaboration across Europe and Africa. In July we will also be welcoming a graduate student to C-Tech as part the RSC’s Industrial Placement Scheme for six months.