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C-Flow PRD takes its form from the C-Flow PLT (pilot) system, and like its smaller brother, the ‘PRD’ (Production) system uses high through- put electrochemical cells that are superior in performance and flexibility to those available as bipolar stacks.

The modular system allows rapid addition or swapping out of cells for increasing plant capac- ity and maintenance. Crucially, this can be done on-the-fly, without any plant down-time or lost production time. The nature of the cells allows high fluid velocity and reaction rates, with low pressure drops leading to low operating costs.

Plant capacity can be increased or decreased based on your production requirements, and scale-up with additional cells is simple and can be achieved without any major plant changes.

Aimed at industrial settings, the C-Flow PRD can be customised to suit a wide range of electrochemical applications, from treatment of waste waters to synthesis of fine chemicals. C-Tech Innovation can provide a comprehensive design and construction service, and full support following installation, commissioning, and training.

Vanadium Electrolyte Production Equipment for VFBs