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SCAIL-UP aluminium plating equipment

Aluminium Electroplating

A successful industrial process for aluminium electroplating is a significant challenge in the surface finishing industry. Current solutions use hazardous solvents such as toluene or vapour deposition, which carry significant obstacles to safe deployment and scale-up. C-Tech has developed a fully-automated aluminium plating process using ionic liquids that represents a significant improvement on current methods. Read More

Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids have industrial applications in electro-deposition of metals and recovery of plastics and metals from waste streams. The unique properties of ionic liquids open up a wide range of applications, and C-Tech Innovation has a number of active research activities and projects utilising ionic liquids. We can assist in selection of ionic liquids, process engineering planning and plant delivery. Read More

Dielectric Welding, Curing & Forming

A wide range of materials processing applications can be carried out using Radio Frequency (RF) or microwave heating. Key applications include RF welding, a very rapid and controllable method for high quality, permanent bonding of thermoplastic polymers; adhesive curing – rapid forming of adhesive bonds to join dissimilar materials, and moulding of three dimensional components including expandable polymers such as EPS and carbon fibre composites. Read More

Surface finishing

Materials science is at the heart of many new and innovative ways to conserve energy, from applying hard coatings to engine components to reduce wear, to improvements in corrosion resistance to make structural and architectural metals last longer. C-Tech Innovation has been heavily involved in technological advances that are helping to increase the lifetime of metallic components and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Read More