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C-Tech Innovation has gone through several changes since starting out life as the Electricity Council Research Centre in the 1960s. We are continually building on our proud legacy of invention and improvement, with C-Tech today still occupying the vanguard of innovative research and development.


Named in the top 25

C-Tech Innovation named as the only UK SME in the top 25 European Union Research performers.


Versarien Floats on UK AIM

C-Tech Innovation develops porous copper cooling technology and licences to Versarien.


North West Eco-Innovation Programme

The North West Eco-Innovation Programme provided free, tailored support to nearly 400 businesses helping them exploit the market for sustainable products and low-carbon solutions.


Knowledge to Innovate

A project funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency, designed to help small and medium sized enterprises in six priority growth sectors including Biomedical, Energy; and Environmental Technology.

Silent Kettle Patent

Developed and patented the first truly silent kettle using ohmic heating technology.


First Knowledge Transfer Network Established

C-Tech Innovation runs its very first Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN} Probio and are awarded a second KTN, Miniwaste.

C-Tech Innovation Established

Management buyout of the energy division of EA Technology and renamed C-Tech Innovation.


First Participation in FP4

EA Technology participated in its first EU framework Research (FP4) project.


Atmospheric Microwave Plasma

The first Atmospheric Microwave Plasma is developed at Capenhurst for use in surface treatment and gaseous waste destruction.


Microwave Assisted Gas Firing (MAGF)

Microwave Assisted Gas Firing designed for rapid, high quality and sintering of ceramics at temperatures up to 1600ºC. Successfully combining traditional radiant (gas or electric) energy with volumetric heating (microwave) simultaneously.


EA Technology Established

Electricity Council Research Centre (ECRC) transitioned to a commercial organisation under EA Technology.


Ohmic Heating

A heating technology for high quality food sterilisation and pasteurisation licensed to APV Ltd.


Halogen Hob Invented

An electric stove, very strong and stable under high heat, the halogen hob uses an intense infrared light source that quickly produces heat.


Sodium Sulphur Battery Invented

A battery that has a high energy density, high efficiency of charge/discharge (89–92%) and long cycle life. Suitable for large-scale non-mobile applications such as grid energy storage.


Electric Storage Radiators Invented

A storage heater is an electrical heater which stores thermal energy during the evening, or at night when base load electricity is available at lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required.


Electricity Council Research Centre (ECRC) Established

Electricity Council Research Centre (ECRC) is first established to develop innovative applications for electrical energy.