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Ohmic heating is an energy efficient and high quality method of heating either a continuous flow or batch quantity of wet or moist material. C-Tech Innovation has more than 30 years experience in design and build of specialised Ohmic Heating equipment for a wide variety of applications.

Conventional heating methods often struggle to achieve the necessary high rates of heat transfer into the material in order to heat sufficiently without causing product degradation. Ohmic heating uses an electrical current, passed directly through the body of the material, to cause rapid, uniform heating without the use of hot heat transfer surfaces.


Ohmic heating, also known as Joule heating, offers many process advantages:
  • Volumetric and uniform heating
  • Both liquid and solid particulates can be heated
  • Equally applicable in batch and flow-through systems
  • Reductions in process time and increased throughput
  • Energy efficient processing with greater than 95% power utilisation

What we can do for you

C-Tech innovation has pilot scale ohmic heaters which can be used to evaluate the benefits of ohmic heating for your specific application. Larger units can be hired out for trial periods.

Our in house laboratories, design office and workshops enable us to carry out activities from initial process evaluation through to design and build of Ohmic Heating equipment.

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