The applied electrochemistry and electrothermal experts

C-Tech Innovation has expertise in a range of technologies. For more details on individual technologies, see the entries below.

Nuclear Decontamination

We are currently scaling up and nuclearising a patented electrochemical process for removing chloride and organics (i.e ETDA, formic acid) from spent decontamination solutions generated during nuclear decommissioning operations. Other technologies we have indentifed as offering potential cost savings during decommissioning are electro-pickling of steel, microwave concrete scabbling and ohmic/microwave heating of liquid and solid waste streams.
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Electrodialysis is an industry-ready membrane process used for pollution control, desalination, resource recovery and chemical processing. It can be used to produce potable water from brackish sources and remove salts from foodstuffs, recover salts from effluent, and split salts into their constituent acid and base, for example for recovery of mixed acids from spent pickling liqour. Read More

Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids have industrial applications in electro-deposition of metals and recovery of plastics and metals from waste streams. The unique properties of ionic liquids open up a wide range of applications, and C-Tech Innovation has a number of active research activities and projects utilising ionic liquids. We can assist in selection of ionic liquids, process engineering planning and plant delivery. Read More