C-Tech’s new RF Defroster greatly speeds up the defrosting process. The unpredictability of customer orders for high-value frozen foods like meat and seafood coupled with long thawing times mean that restaurants can suffer costly levels of wastage. Our RF Defroster allows chefs and managers to react to sales during the evening, rather than guessing the previous night. For example, 2 kg of frozen chicken can be fully defrosted in just 25 minutes.

Developed in conjunction with a major food industry player in Asia, the RF defroster offers an easy and efficient way to defrost moderate volumes (100 g to 3 kg) of virtually any solid food. Unlike microwave heating, which will overheat the outside of a piece of meat or fish while the inside is still frozen, our RF defroster ensures an even thawing process, leaving your food in perfect condition for cooking.

15 minutes

300 g of fish

25 minutes

2000 g of chicken

10 minutes

500 g of cheesecake


External dimensions600 mm (W) x 720 mm (D)
x 500 mm (H)
Weight40 kg
Internal tray size460 mm x 370 mm
Power supply100-240 V AC (max. 1200 W)
Housing304-grade stainless steel
User interface4.3” colour touchscreen
Heating methodRadio frequency @ 27.12 MHz
Power output50 W to 500 W in 50 W increments
Defrost recipes99 recipes with 20 programmable
(time and power) steps
PortsLANremote access to edit
recipes and read logs
USBfor firmware updates

Rob Bell

Innovation Director

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