Qulom™ range

C-Tech Innovation’s Qulom™ range of advanced thermal processing equipment is designed to bring the benefits of our innovative technologies to a wider market. Our focus is on making your life easier; speeding up process times, reducing waste, and improving quality. We also offer bespoke, tailored equipment for specialist applications, implementing advances in ohmic and inductive heating technologies to solve your design challenges. Read More

The OBA-26 atmospheric batch ohmic heater

OBA-26 Batch Ohmic Heater

Food processing using ohmic heating reduces the need for preservatives and results in superior taste and texture compared to other thermal treatment methods such as jacketed vessels, heat exchanges or steam injection. The Qulom OBA-26 is an ideal tool for R&D and recipe development at temperatures up to 100ºC. For higher temperatures we offer a prerssurised batch unit the Qulom OBP-26, capable of operating at up to 150ºC. Read More