Qulom OCP-200 Continuous Pressurised Heater

Qulom OCP-200 is suitable for applications which have demanding product quality or process requirements. For food and drinks processing it offers precise temperature control giving excellent preservation of texture and taste after pasteurisation or sterilisation. Inclusions such as fruit or meat pieces up to 2 cm in diameter are heated uniformly with the surrounding product. For chemical processing high temperatures can be achieved, beyond the capability of conventional steam heating.
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Batch Ohmic Heater

Food processing using ohmic heating reduces the need for preservatives and results in superior taste and texture compared to other thermal treatment methods such as jacketed vessels, heat exchanges or steam injection. The Qulom OBA-26 is an ideal tool for R&D and recipe development at temperatures up to 100ºC. For higher temperatures we offer a prerssurised batch unit the Qulom OBP-26, capable of operating at up to 150ºC. Read More

RF Fast Defroster

C-Tech’s new RF Defroster greatly speeds up the defrosting process. The unpredictability of customer orders for high-value frozen foods like meat and seafood coupled with long thawing times mean that restaurants can suffer costly levels of wastage. Our RF Defroster allows chefs and managers to react to sales during the evening, rather than guessing the previous night. For example, 2 kg of frozen chicken can be fully defrosted in just 25 minutes. Read More