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Qulom OCP-200 is an ohmic continuous pressurised (OCP) heater suitable for applications which have demanding product quality or process requirements. For food and drinks processing it offers precise temperature control giving excellent preservation of texture and taste after pasteurisation or sterilisation. Inclusions such as fruit or meat pieces up to 2 cm in diameter are heated uniformly with the surrounding product. For chemical processing high temperatures can be achieved, beyond the capability of conventional steam heating.

The Qulom OCP-200 is our standard module sized for pasteurisation and sterilisation of food products at up to 2 tonnes per hour. Multiple units can be linked for higher capacities. For chemicals processing applications higher temperatures of up to 200 oC are achievable. The unit is a straight-through pipe with internal bore of 32 mm and with no obstructions or constrictions. The heater itself consists of several electrode housings and PEEK pipe sections. Electrode choice depends on application but a standard coated titanium design is suitable for all food and most chemical applications.

The frame mounting system allows the unit to be easily extended or reconfigured for different temperatures and throughputs. The volumetric heating method eliminates hot surfaces and means that temperature hot-spots are eliminated and the heating is even so that off-tastes are avoided and side-reactions minimised. Ideal for pasteurisation and sterilisation of foodstuffs with delicate inclusions such as soft fruit or with mild and delicate flavours.


  • The construction is hygienic and the unit is suitable for all food and drinks processing applications including sauces, soups, fruit, and drinks.
  • Precise temperature control to set-point is achieved using our purpose designed control system with continual monitoring and feedback loops for instantaneous control of input power.
  • Skid mounted for ease of incorporation and occupying minimal footprint in the process line, typically with a vertical upward flow through a 2 m heater section.
  • Easy start-up, shut-down and cleaning-in-place
  • Can be configured to operate at up to 10 bar with standard components so that higher temperatures are possible for use in any chemical processing.
  • Easy and reliable recipe development is assured using our laboratory scale batch units Qulom OBA-26 and OBP-26. The same volumetric heating method in both laboratory and production units means that product qulaity is consistent during development and scale-up.
Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

Norman Maloney

Principal Engineer, Advanced Thermal Processing

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