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Induction heating as used in industrial metal-working processes, plastic extrusion machines as well as in domestic hobs combines rapid heating, high temperatures, and the ability to heat through thermal insulation as useful features in these applications.  At C-Tech Innovation we specialise in the design and integration of induction heating into novel processing technologies for clients.  We can create a system tailored to your specific needs, fully instrumented and automated.  We will carry out proof-of-concept work followed by design and build of a system that can be integrated into your process.  We deal with all safety, shielding and EMC requirements.

Induction heating has the following features:

  • It can generate very high rates of heating for metallic and electromagnetically susceptible materials. Very high powers can be targeted and delivered into a relatively small volume of material.
  • Very high temperatures can be reached, far in excess of what is possible by means of conduction and convection.
  • Excellent energy transfer efficiencies are achievable when compared to conventional means of heating that require conduction or convention.
  • Instantaneous control of power is achievable.
  • Materials can be heated through intermediate thermal and electrical insulation materials, within vessels and by non-contacting means.

These features allow induction heating to be used for processes where the constraints mean that other technologies are less useful.  Example applications include the following.

  • Indirect heating of fluid flows. For example the heating of material beds via heated structures within the bed or susceptor materials within a bed. Beds can be flowing or fluidised or chemically and physically isolated.
  • Direct heating of catalyst beds for high temperature and pressure use.
  • The heating of chemical reaction vessels through chemical and thermal insulating materials so that the integrity of the reaction vessel is maintained for high temperature and pressure applications.
  • Heating of novel process media. Induction heating can be used to re-engineer processes to achieve a cleaner process.

C-Tech Innovation can combine induction heating with bespoke material handling solutions tailored to your process.

Qulom AIH induction coil and vessel
Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

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