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There are two key pitfalls to be avoided when sterilising sauces and stews, particularly those that contain particulates. The first is uneven heating, where the temperatures inside the solid particulates are lower than the surrounding liquid medium. The second is fouling or burn-on of product, that contributes to a degradation in taste. Ohmic heating addresses both of these problems because of the volumetric nature of the heating effect. There are no hot surfaces to cause fouling, and the temperature profile created is uniform across liquid and solid portions of the product. In traditional food processing lines acid is often added to sauces and stews to aid sterilisation, but this impacts taste and particulate integrity. By using ohmic sterilisation producers can avoid the need for added acid altogether.

Ohmic heating works by passing an electrical current directly through the product, avoiding the need for hot surfaces that can often become fouled with burned-on product in traditional pasteurisation equipment. This allows for faster, gentler, more even sterilisation that can be processed in a shorter pipe length than traditional tube-in-tube heating and produces a superior product.

“Ohmic heating is very often used in pasteurization/sterilization of food products resulting in excellent quality.”

US National Institutes of Health study

Sample aseptic ohmic filling processExample aseptic ohmic filling process

Our technology is market-proven and can be retrofitted into existing process lines, cutting down capital expenditure and speeding up integration times. For food producers with an emphasis on product quality, our pasteurisation and sterilisation process allows superior taste and product identity (texture and colour) while rigorously conforming to food hygiene standards.

Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

Norman Maloney

Principal Engineer, Advanced Thermal Processing

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