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When pasteurising thermally-sensitive drinks the primary concern is product quality. Traditional pasteurisation systems suffer from uneven temperature gradients that create hotspots and fouling through burn-on of product on heating surfaces. C-Tech Innovation’s pasteurisation techniques eliminate this issue, delivering an excellent result in taste, colour, and texture.

Traditional methods of heating beverages involve jacketed vessels, pipe-in-pipe heating or steam injection, all of which can be too aggressive and damage the flavour and nutrient profile of the final product. By contrast C-Tech Innovation’s ohmic heating technology provides a precisely controllable environment to evenly heat the product, resulting in a uniform temperature (avoiding hotspots) and preservation of taste. This uniformity of temperature also helps with process time – hold times can be shorter because there is no need to wait for cooler parts of the product to heat.

Ohmic heating works by passing an electrical current directly through the product, avoiding the need for hot surfaces that can often become fouled with burned-on product in traditional pasteurisation equipment. This allows for faster, gentler, more even pasteurisation that can be processed in a shorter pipe length than traditional tube-in-tube heating and produces a superior product.

“Ohmic heating is very often used in pasteurization/sterilization of food products resulting in excellent quality.”

US National Institutes of Health study

Sample aseptic ohmic filling processExample aseptic ohmic filling process

Our technology is market-proven and can be retrofitted into existing process lines, cutting down capital expenditure and speeding up integration times. For food producers with an emphasis on product quality, our pasteurisation and sterilisation process allows superior taste and product identity (texture and colour) while rigorously conforming to food hygiene standards.

Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

Norman Maloney

Principal Engineer, Advanced Thermal Processing

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