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Quality is the major driving force in the food and drink industry, premium products can attract a prime market. Heating of food during the manufacturing process can radically alter the characteristics of the finished products. Quality and taste can be significantly affected if the processing parameters are not closely controlled.

Render of an ohmic heater for rapid pasteurisation
An ohmic heater design for pasteurisation

Conventional thermal pasteurisation heating can lead to a variety of changes to a food’s properties. Overheating of foods can lead to undesirable caramel flavours, colour change and loss of vitamin content. Furthermore thermally sensitive products or those containing particulates can suffer fouling or damage of the particulate.

C-Tech Innovation’s ohmic processing unit provides a milder heat treatment process which has been independently shown to be a preferred option for heating complex products such as jams or compotes.

Rapid Pasteurisation

Products are heated very quickly and evenly – including those with particulates and solids. The ohmic processing unit yields products with a superior taste, colour and increased levels of vitamins due to its unique heating method and close control of time temperature thermal history, with energy delivery in excess of 95% efficiency.

Process Benefits

Key benefits include:

  • Rapid pasteurisation – short residence times
  • Increased flavour and vitamins compared to traditional heat exchangers
  • Easy maintenance – reduced cost
  • Less product loss – higher product yield
  • Easily retrofitted to existing lines
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Handles high viscosity products
  • Working temperatures up to 180oC
  • Increased efficiency – 95% of input energy transferred to the product

What we can do for you

C-Tech Innovation’s team of engineers and scientists can support you from carrying out initial trials on samples of your product for evaluation through to installation and commissioning new production equipment on your site.

The ohmic processing unit has many potential uses in the food industry. The ohmic processing unit can handle any pumpable food with a normal moisture content from beverages, fruits and vegetables through to meat based products, confectionery and convenience foods, examples and candidate products include:

  • Beverages; Fruit juices, nectars, smoothies, pulps and coffee extract
  • Convenience foods; Ready meals, soup, sauces, baby food, rice and rice pudding
  • Dairy; Cheese, yoghurt, creams, whey products, milk and liquid egg
  • Fruits & Vegetables; Jams, fruit compotes, fruit puree, diced fruit, juices, diced vegetables and tomato products
  • Meat; Meat and protein products

Control System Integration

Maintenance of process conditions is achieved through automated monitoring and adjustment of temperature and flow, meaning manual input is kept to a minimum. C-Tech can fully integrate control systems with that of other equipment where necessary.

Process Optimisation

Optimisation of heating is vital to the efficient and cost effective production of foods. The ohmic processing unit can be used to heat from cold infeed to target temperature or, for reduced energy demand, preheated product can be heated to target temperature using the ohmic heater in the highest temperature zone. C-Tech Innovation can provide advice and guidance in optimising your ohmic system.

Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

Norman Maloney

Advanced Thermal Processing Group Manager

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