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Microwave chemistry is faster, cleaner, greener and safer than traditional heating methods. C-Tech Innovation has developed a continuous flow reactor that allows the scale up of chemical reactions from lab scale to production scale. This system gives several benefits over traditional batch chemical reactors.

Most chemists are familiar with the benefits of working with microwave reactors in the laboratory. The technology enables them to test different chemical reactions and find the perfect compound much faster than using conventional heating methods.


  • Faster: faster reactions, more throughput
  • Cleaner: no hot oil, no fouling of hot surfaces
  • Greener: higher yields, less by-products, less catalyst, less waste
  • Safer: lower inventories, easy temperature control

Investigation into the potential energy savings possible when switching from a conventionally heated batch reactor to microwave heated continuous flow reactor has been carried out here at C-Tech. It was found that energy savings of up to 90% were possible.

What we can do for you

  • C-Tech Innovation supplies continuous flow microwave reactors capable of processing from 0.3 l/hour up to 1 l/hour, operating at up to 30 Bar and 250 °C.
  • We can supply complete process systems, reactors for integration into existing systems and mobile skid mounted units. We would be happy to talk to you about a bespoke solution for your process.
  • We have experience on working on pharmaceutical applications with our partner Cambrex to develop microwave assisted organic synthesis (MAOS) technology
  • C-Tech Innovation has chemists with a wide range of experience including microwave chemistry and can help you with the scale up of your reactions.

C-Tech Innovation has more than 30 years experience in design and build of microwave equipment for a diverse range of applications and employ chemists who have a wide range of experience including microwave chemistry and the scale up of chemical reactions.

Microwave Chemical Reactor datasheet

Microwave Chemistry Applications


Development of a novel microwave assisted flow reactor to allow scalibilty of reactions with minimal process development. Used for manufacturing ionic liquids

Project datasheet

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