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Our two-litre batch ohmic heater is designed for fast, even, efficient heating of moist foodstuffs and liquids. This model has been used for recipe development, conductivity measurement, cooking testing and heating assessments. It runs from the mains electricity supply at 240 V (customised versions are available in other voltages).

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The heater has a number of tanks that can be easily switched over or removed for cleaning. The heater body is made from polypropylene and the heater is rated to 26 kW.

A product volume range from around 500 ml to 7.5 litres is feasible.

The unit includes a benchtop mounted control panel with a discrete Eurotherm PID temperature controller. This provides heater power control under automatic PID control or manual heater power control. Heating under PID control can heat to a setpoint temperature and hold at this temperature. Retransmission analogue outputs (0 to 10 V DC) are provided for heater current and voltage for data logging purposes, and the control temperature can be externally monitored or logged. Data logging of all temperatures and heater current and voltage can be provided as an option using a small plc or touchscreen. Three temperature probes are provided as standard one of which is a control thermocouple.

The enclosure lid has see-through panels and is a simple lift off type with safety interlock switches which prevent heater operation and switch the heater off if they are not made. The enclosure also forms a bunded space in the event that liquids boil over or spill. The heater cell can be easily removed and placed, and easily disconnected via thumbscrews for filling, and cleaning. Multiple heater cells can be provided if required.

The heater unit is protected electrically by an insulating enclosure which has safety interlock switches and also a residual current device (RCD) monitoring circuit which monitors the current supply and return from the heater with an imbalance trip level set at 30mA.

Normal Maloney, Advanced Thermal Processing Group Leader

Norman Maloney

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