The Applied Electrochemistry and Electrothermal Experts
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C-Tech Innovation has extensive expertise in the design, testing, scale-up, and integration of bespoke flow batteries and fuel cells for an array of applications. We have an in-depth understanding of the engineering of electrochemical cells and can assist in the implementation of complex or novel cell deployments.

What C-Tech Can Do For You

  • Develop and test novel battery chemistries
  • Work with containerised, physically isolated systems to reduce risk
  • Integrate cells with balance of plant
  • Scale-up successful experimental cells to pilot-scale
  • Design bespoke control systems for cells

Flow Batteries

C-Tech Innovation offer engineering optimisation, testing and scale-up for flow batteries. Our projects have included building the world’s largest zinc-air battery, developing more efficient vanadium flow batteries, advances in soluble lead flow batteries, and improvements in gas diffusion electrodes.

Fuel Cells

C-Tech has a wealth of experience in the design, development and testing of bespoke single cell and small stack fuel cells, and their integration with balance of plant. We also specialise in fine-grained control systems to allow precise monitoring and maintenance of fuel cell operating conditions.