ProSUM is developing a centralised database of critical raw materials, focused on urban mines and recycling possibilities for secondary sourcing of materials that are vital to our manufacturing and technology sectors. This Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform will reduce the impact of resource scarcity and instability on supply chains.

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Kyrobio will increase the capability of the European manufacturing industry to produce high value single enantiomer chiral molecules by the adoption of new biocatalytic processes. The targeted reactions are generation of C-C and C-N bonds in molecules with multiple chiral centres by the application of lyase enzymes.
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The ECO-SEE project aims to address an emerging health problem associated with modern low carbon buildings. Modern buildings have been developed to be very airtight, improving their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. However, these sealed environments have created unexpected side effects, with research showing that a build-up of potentially harmful chemicals in the air is potentially causing negative impacts on occupants.
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INTASENSE was a major European project to improve indoor air quality and reduce building energy consumption. Part-funded through the European Commission’s Energy Efficient Buildings PPP (Public Private Partnership), INTASENSE involved eight organisations from five countries. Read More


Illuminate is a project that will create a closed automated sorting and recycling system for lamps and light bulbs. As many fluorescent bulbs contain highly toxic mercury, it is essential that this recovery and processing happens securely without the risk of releasing mercury into the environment.

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BIOGO is a collaborative European project that intends to create a fully integrated and comprehensive process for the production of biofuels using novel heterogeneous nanocatalysts and sustainable resources. This process will be integrated with the enabling functions of innovative micro-reactor technology developed in the project.

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