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C-Tech’s strength in the sensors and monitoring sector lies in integrating our strong commercial and IP awareness with a diverse scientific and engineering capability in order to produce world leading solutions in sensor and monitoring technologies.

Benefits / Process Benefits

World-renowned project management in EU sensing projects integrated with an ethos of optimisation modelling associated with industry-leading software and rigorous laboratory testing has given us strong advantages in this sector including:

  • Awareness of commercial contexts for application of disruptive sensor and monitoring technology
  • Strong understanding of the developmental cycle from idea innovation through to delivery to end user
  • Strong awareness of intellectual property procedures and intellectual property in the field of sensors and monitoring
  • Optimisation of advanced sensor platforms and electrode systems bespoke to a range of monitoring and sensing contexts including quality management of gaseous, liquid and semisolid environments.
  • Development of in house high precision dielectric metrology systems spanning radio frequency and microwave frequencies and up to furnace temperatures.
  • Sensors with sensitivity to ppm levels of contaminant in both liquid and gas phases, facilitating ready warning systems of undesirable contaminants for a variety of applications
  • MOX sensors with UV activation as well as thermal activation, which facilitates advanced hybrid MOX sensor systems as well as time dependent fingerprinting of response to analyte and self cleaning of sensor surface

What we can do for you

C-Tech Innovation is able to offer the following services in the sector of sensors and monitoring:

  • Optimisation of a sensor, monitoring and user interface system, tailored directly to your purpose
  • Intellectual property consultancy securing your intellectual property throughout the development cycle of your sensor/monitoring system
  • High precision temperature dependent and frequency dependent profiling of radio frequency and microwave dielectric properties
VOC sensors



VOC and combustible gas detection in indoor air



Trace detection of human organics for human trafficking prevention



Detection of accidental or deliberate contamination of drinking water



Measurement of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in water


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