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The removal of heavy metals from waste streams has typically involved precipitation of the metal as an insoluble metal hydroxide sludge, which then needs to be filtered, dried and dumped. Some metals, for example hexavalent chromium, cannot be treated this way and need to be chemical treated with materials such as bisulphate ion.

The costs associated with such treatments have risen rapidly. Now more than ever, technologies are being sought which can remove metals from waste streams at source, reduce waste volumes and, in some cases, recover and recycle the metals.

Calling on over 30 years of experience in electrochemical process design, C-Tech Innovation has developed highly cost effective systems that offer an improvement over conventional metal wastewater treatment methods.

Our electrochemical solution benefits include:-

  • High metal extraction rates at all concentrations
  • Metal removal is possible ‘at source’ as well as ‘end of pipe’
  • Standardised reliable design appropraite for a range of applications
  • Replacement cartridges allow minimum user involvement and easier handling of extracted metals.

These systems provide direct, single stage, recovery of soluble metals by utilising a highly active porous carbon electrode for cathodic metal deposition. One advantageous design employs a quick change replacement electrode cartridge system, which allows the deposited metal to be removed from the cell and recycled or disposed of as appropriate. Typically we can reduce metal concentrations to less than 1 part per million (1mg/l).

Typical examples of metal waste streams successfully treated include:-

  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Gold