With over 40 years experience of helping our customers design and build innovative process equipment, C-Tech have the breadth of knowledge to complete custom made projects in diverse industry sectors. Using bespoke development process equipment constructed by C-Tech, new technologies achieve market faster with reduced risk.

Managing nuclear hazards

We are experienced with hazardous materials and processes

Key expertise

  • Custom made process equipment at laboratory, pilot, demonstration and small production scale
  • Experience in range of challenging applications: high pressure, high temperature, aggressive chemicals, supercritical fluid, explosive atmospheres, high voltage, nuclear, electromagnetic radiation, high accuracy on control.
  • Certified to PED, ATEX, machinery directive, electrical
  • Design services: 3D CAD, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, multiphysics simulation
  • Safety case services: Risk assessment, HAZOP, LOPA, FMEA, electrical

What we deliver

C-Tech work with their customers on each stage in the innovation journey, to clearly define the best development route. Actively participating in the development of projects, scale up design and build of equipment at all stages is key to meeting requirements. C-Tech’s engineering capability is broadly disciplined covering process, mechanical, control and electrical engineering, with support from other scientific disciplines as required. In house build facilities including fabrication, machining, forming and  rapid prototyping enabling construction of a wide range of process plant and machinery.

C-Tech have constructed over 200 custom made test, demonstration and production rigs in industry sectors such as chemicals, polymers, nuclear, biotech, transport, recycling and energy. Equipment comes fully certified and CE marked to necessary standards such as PED, ATEX and machinery directives. Control systems run specifically written software on integrated PLCs utilising touch screen HMIs to enable our customers to achieve high levels of accuracy in operation. C-Tech can offer full installation and on site commissioning of equipment from our team of experienced site operators and engineers.

Examples of our Work


The HiPerPol (high performance polymers) project developed a new, low emission, low energy, environmentally benign route to the manufacturing of high value polymer powders, by using ionic liquids to extract existing polymer material from appropriate wastes.

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CO2 Capture and Storage

In support for the introduction of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to the UK, TÜV NEL Ltd commissioned C-Tech Innovation to construct an R&D test facility to allow an improved understanding of the behaviour of carbon dioxide.


A high temperature rotary kiln to demonstrate the ability to recycle waste from calcined industrial mineral production.  The system uses a novel combination of radiant and microwave heat in a highly controllable application to dry the product evenly and efficiently.

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RF Press

Production of a versatile press for moulding, curing and drying with the assistance of radio frequency (RF) heating under either pressure or vacuum. RF waves penetrate the material and heat from the inside out, greatly improving drying and curing times when compared to conventional heat.


Pre-treatment of animal byproducts and food waste so they are safe to use in anaerobic digestion processes. The system uses C-Tech’s ohmic heating technology at high temperature and pressure to quickly and efficiently sterilise and homogenise the material.

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By application of ultrasound to assist in surface finishing and PCB manufacturing, chemical and energy use can be reduced. C-Tech constructed a pilot rig to prove the principal of operation to a system which is now commercialised and being use to greatly benefit companies across Europe.

Stuart Dalrymple, Process Plant Design and Build

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