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C-Tech Innovation has the in-house capability to carry out detailed analyses, dependent upon client needs. We have expertise in a wide array of analysis techniques, including finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and tolerance analysis.

Finite Element Analysis

C-Tech use Solid Works Cosmos for FEA of CAD models, either created by C-Tech or provided by the client. The FEA studies can be used to optimise strength to weight ratios, ensure structural integrity, analyse heat transfer rates or to determine deflection under load.

The results of the FEA are fed back to the model, and where appropriate design changes are made in order to improve characteristics. This process can be repeated several times until the optimum design is generated. A report of the findings from the FEA study can be produced for client approval.

Such analyses are critical in circumstances when it is important to get the design ‘right first time’, such as when expensive injection moulding tools are required.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows rapid and accurate in-silico simulation of most liquid and gas based processes. C-Tech has vast experience in using this technique to assist clients to reach the optimum solution first time through the use of ANSYS CFX software, a powerful and flexible CFD package.

This integrated with other multi-physics simulators enable accurate fluid flow modelling combined with thermal, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, magnetic and structural analyses.

Tolerance Analysis

C-Tech are adept at performing tolerance studies on products. This is a particularly important analysis to perform before committing to manufacturing components or purchasing tooling.

Every component in a product will have a manufacturing tolerance associated with it. If several components are assembled together, these tolerances can build up and eventually cause problems, potentially leading to the ultimate failure of the product or an inability to actually assemble it. With our knowledge of different manufacturing processes, and the associated tolerances, we can perform a tolerance study and recommend design changes required to eliminate future manufacturing problems occurring. This work can either be carried out as part of a new design project by C-Tech, or on behalf of a client who has an existing product which is experiencing problems upon manufacture and assembly due to interference fits etc.

Testing and Accreditation

With our in-house workshop and laboratory facilities we are well placed to perform initial testing and commissioning of the prototypes and final products produced as a result of our design projects. We can carry out simulated life expectancy testing, chemical, electrical and thermal resistance tests and mechanical loading.

We are also able to arrange external third party approval testing to any specific client requirements or relevant industry accreditation.