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As the electricity network develops from one generated largely by fossil fuels into one with increasing levels of Renewable Energy, our supply will start to be affected by the unpredictable and intermittent behaviour of the sun and the wind. It is widely recognised that large-scale penetration of Renewable Energy can only be realised with the addition of electrical energy storage. Redox batteries, or flow batteries, can provide the storage necessary for times when the wind turbines aren’t turning and the sun isn’t shining.

Features of Flow Batteries

  • Can range from a few kW for domestic applications, up to many MW for large-scale grid storage
  • Decouple power from energy, since the energy-carrying electrolyte is stored in external tanks and passed through an electrochemical cell
  • Unlike lithium batteries, flow batteries contain non-flammable, non-toxic chemicals
  • Unlike other battery chemistries, flow batteries have no limitations from memory effects, and potentially limitless lifetimes

What we can do for you

C-Tech Innovation has design, development, and operational experience of flow batteries. Its activities have involved all aspects of flow battery development

  • Component design
  • Bipolar plates
  • Cell frames, including sealing options
  • Cell stacks
  • CFD modelling
  • Stack manufacture
  • Single cell
  • Prototype stacks
  • Industrial systems
  • Testing, from half-cell to multi-cell stacks
  • Component conductivity
  • Membranes
  • Electrocatalyst performance
  • Cell and stack performance
  • Experience of wide range of redox chemistries
  • Electrolyte production and recycling



Developing a novel Zinc-Air flow battery with reduced chemicals and higher energy density than other flow batteries.

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