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Biomass energy is energy derived either from natural organic resources, or from fuels manufactured from these resources, which include wood, energy crops and organic wastes. Biofuels, if used on a mass scale to displace the use of fossil fuels, could lead to significant reductions in overall greenhouse gas emissions.

However, in order for biomass fuels to be utilised on a mass scale, production costs have to be lowered and major changes in the way agricultural land is used would have to be made. Organic waste streams provides a cheap source of biomass, but require innovative solutions to harness their energy, that can cope with the variations in quantity and quality typical of organic waste.

C-Tech Innovation is involved in researching microbial processes for conversion of biomass into biofuels. In particular we are developing thermal pre-treatment processes and electrochemical downstream processes which enhance the efficiency of these microbial processes. C-Tech Innovation’s technologies have already been successfully investigated on processes producing biofuels like hydrogen, methane and butanol from biomass.