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WASTECOSMART is a European-funded project with the overall objective of strengthening and increasing the innovation capacity of regional research-driven clusters in resource efficiency through cooperation, research and technological development within the waste sector.

The structure of the WASTECOSMART consortium and the project activities are built around regional ‘triple-helix’ clusters, drawn from six regions across the EU, with each cluster consisting of representatives of public, private and knowledge base bodies with a strong interest in boosting research and innovation in resource efficiency and particularly the waste management sector. C-Tech is performing the role of regional co-ordinator for the UK cluster, which is based upon the Liverpool City Region, and whose membership is made up by the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) and the Centre for Waste Management at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). As such we have been helping co-ordinate local effort within the region and ensuring alignment of the outcomes of our work with the broader objectives of the project as a whole. This is not simply a matter of timely reporting however, but rather a two-way learning and knowledge sharing process between regions at different stages of the journey towards resource efficiency and circular economics.

Along the way we have worked with our cluster partners, with partners from right across the consortium, and with key actors in the landscape for municipal waste management in our region to address the main themes and objectives of the project’s work plan.

  • Identifying and assessing research capacities and technological capacity building needs – working with actors in the waste management supply chain to identify the state of play, analyse technology innovation system approach and provide a detailed analysis of the participating regions with regard to their current waste management and resource efficiency status, including current legislation and practices, capacities in the field, problems and issues faced, and the conditions and capacities for innovation.
  • Preparation of a Decision Support Framework (DSF) for the design of Resource Efficiency Management Plans – helping develop and test a decision support tool by applying it to a regional case study three to five cases developed within the project and to list a set of specifications for the design
  • Contributing towards the preparation, and now implementation, of a Joint Action Plan (JAP) for resource efficiency and waste management which is providing a common R&D and innovation agenda for the participating regions.

In the latter phase of the project which seeks to implement the JAP, C-Tech is providing mentoring support to incipient new consortia forming around innovation opportunities identified under the category of maximizing value from waste.

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